Modern Tapestries

Hans Hofmann “After To Miz – Pax Vobiscum”

Title/Series: “After To Miz – Pax Vobiscum”
Designer: Hans Hofmann (1880 – 1966)
Manufacture: Pinton S.A. – Felletin, France
Date: 1976
Materials: Wool
Dimensions: 5 ft. 10 in. x 6 ft. 4 in.

Thoroughly familiar with European modernism, Hans Hofmann was as driving force during the development of abstract expressionism. His mature style combines both a rigid pictorial law with a practical and fluid sense of form.

“To Miz – Pax Vobiscum” is considered one of Hofmann greatest achievements. Stacked with overlapping forms, the painting is an homage to the artist’s wife, Maria Wolfegg; nicknamed Miz. The Latin subtitle translates to “Peace be with you;” a reference to her death the year before Hofmann painted the image.