Rene Fumeron – Barge Rousse

Title/Series: Barge Rousse
Designer: René Fumeron (1921-2003)
Manufacture: Atelier Pinton Freres – Aubusson, France
Date: ca. 1950
Materials: Wool
Dimensions: 5ft. 4in. x 8ft. 3in.

Though René Fumeron’s style was built on the principles of tapestry weaving reformed by Jean Lurçat, he was distinguished among colleagues as the “Imagier” (image maker) of tapestry.  His choice of subject matter—trees, branches, birds, fish— complimented a strong sense of composition and admirable imagination.  Furthermore, by using steep vertical lines, bold geometric forms and a mostly somber palette, he was able to create transparency and harmony in his tapestry designs.